Earwig Facts – How to Kill Earwigs

Earwigs are not everyone’s best friend. Lots of people detest them. There are even instances when they are perceived as pests. This is not surprising anymore. Basically, the paranoia might have come from the notion that the insect has the ability to burrow in the ears of people. How terrifying is that? This might is claimed to happen whenever the person is at sleep. While this is not worthy to be included in Earwig facts, there are truths to be learned about them. What are these?

What to Expect from Earwig?

Most of the claims about earwigs do not come with any scientific explanation at all. Basically, they are all superstition. Scientific basis is still not provided. This is one of the reasons why earwigs scare a lot of people. This is true most especially with the pincers concerned. These are found on the back of their abdomens. Earwigs are most likely to utilize the pincers in order for them to defend themselves. Sparing rivals may also be done with the presence of their pincers. More 20 species of earwigs are perceived in the United States alone.

Basically, it will depend upon the specie there is. As for most adults, they have the ability to range from a 5 to 25 mm. This may occur. These slender insects have a pair of wings, actually, two of them. These may have the ability to produce a not so good, and foul smelling liquid which are all utilized in defense. Earwigs can also produce scent or pheromone. There are even scientists out there who believe in the pheromone. This is one of the reasons why the earwigs have the chance to cluster together. This has been observed in quite a large number. There are also immature earwigs which are synonymous to adults. This occurs except for the fact that they do not own any wing at all.

Habits, diet and behavior

Earwigs are always active during night. Whenever it is day time, they can hide in most cracks. These are all in the damp areas. These also live under that of logs and rocks. These are perceived in the flowerbeds.  As their food, earwigs munch on insects.

Earwigs are always outdoor. They usually spend time in the winter. This occurs in most small burrows. During spring time, female would lay eggs in their burrow. The legs will be laid until they come to a point of hatching. The nymphs are also cared about. This is a way in order for them to locate their own food.

Lights are always attracted because of earwigs. They may sometimes turn out to be a nuisance on most patios and porches which are usually perceived in the summer evenings. Just in the morning, things can be gathered under cushion which can be left overnight. This may occur outside.

The earwigs will always move into the house in order for food to be found. They do this whenever there is a change in weather and the like. This is the reality of earwigs.