The Improbable Mike Scott Tattoos

Mike Scott was a former player of the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA. During the 2016-17 season he played 18 games and had an average 0.9 assists and 2.1 rebounds per game. He was drafted 43rd overall during the 2012 NBA draft and has since bounced around between the Hawks and the NBA Development League. Mike Scott’s tattoos are a testament to the logic or lack thereof in choosing them. Mike is not just about any single tattoo, but a whole of page of them, with seeming randomness and total abandon.

As an NBA player, he is one of those who have a tattoo of a basketball on his shoulder. It’s a 3D-type ink where it shows the basketball tearing out of the skin.

Mike has a preference for small tattoos, which all look like emojis. It seems that he is the only one who likes them.

Running along his arms and shoulder are amojis of all kinds. He does have an elaborate chest tattoo with a seemingly misspelled French phrase.

Also along his arms are several scripts and texts, which are relatively long and are in stark contrast to the sweet emojis he has.

Mike has played all his NBA career with the Atlanta Hawks and its development team. Although he is only 28, he has been bounced between the two leagues numerous times.

It seems that Mike Scott is one of those people who just love getting tattoos. His arms are festooned with all sorts of emojis. It would be hard to explain what all these mean, if there is any explanation.

There are definitely a lot of NBA players who have tattoos, and many of them have explained what the inks mean. It would take a short novel to explain Mike Scott’s tattoos.

Mike was a decent ball player in college. However, the NBA is a bigger stage. It may seem that the only way for him to get noticed would be the insane number of tattoos.

A great arm tattoo would be a single theme running down from the shoulders to the wrist. Mike has emojis instead.

With the way the team is playing, it would be hard to Mike to make a mark on Atlanta. However, his flamboyant tattoos are a fun distraction from the game.