Benjamin Banneker

Benjamin Banneker Facts – Contribution in History

Benjamin Bennaker was an amateur astronomer and a tobacco farmer. He served as an inspiration because of his achievements in mathematics. Since then, he was dubbed as the first African-American who became the man of science. This will always be a relevant part of Benjamin Banneker facts. 

The early life of Banneker was spent in Maryland. He was born in Baltimore County. This happened on the 9th of November 1731. He got to spend those times with his family. This included his three sisters who were able to grow tobacco together with their parents. Since then, Banneker was trained to reading and writing. This was done by his grandmother. The material used here was the Bible bought from England. This led him going to formal schooling eventually. He did this for like a week or two. It occurred near the schoolhouse in Quaker. This was during this time when Benjamin turned out to be a really voracious reader. He used to borrow books from wherever he could do. This was the time when he was able to develop his innate skill in mathematics.

Ever since he was young, Banneker enjoyed completing mathematical puzzles. When he reached 21, he was able to put up his own striking wall clock. Yes, he was able to do this without even being able to see one. He did this based on recollections through mechanism which was the pocket watch. This was the time when he was able to visualize a mathematical puzzle. This was related to tons of toothed wheels and even gears. Carving also took place this way. This took place from a seasoned hardwood. This was undertaken with the presence of a pocket knife. When it comes to a bell, he used the part of the bottle. There is confusion here though because there were claims saying that metal container was also a part of this.

Eventually, the timepiece appeared to be the first clock in their region. People who got to hear about it went to the cabin in order to serve and listen to the strike there is. The clock became surprising because it continued to function that way it has been. This even happened for almost fifteen years. This was the case until he died.

More about Benjamin Banneker

When the father of Benjamin died, he inherited his family farm. He lived with his mother until her death. Living alone, he had to continue growing and selling tobacco. He did this until he was fifty nine. His retirement was forced by his rheumatism. The farm, needless to say, made him really self-sufficient. This occurred because of the vegetable garden the place came along. This was also the case with the presence of fruit orchards.

The Ellicot Store was established. The Banneker family served as the first clients. The place was visited frequently whenever they have free time. The ephemeris Benjamin sent to Jefferson changed the game. This was the time when he urged the latter to put a stop to slavery.