Edamame Nutrition

Edamame Nutrition Facts – What makes it Healthy?

Pursuing a diet program is not as easy as it sounds like. If you are one of those who gain weight easily, and then you are most likely to observe the process for the rest of your life. Basically, it is not just about intensity. Diet is about consistency and this is the part sought to be hard by many. It is not surprising.

In the process of dieting, for sure you have stumbled upon Edamame. There are various Edamame Nutrition Facts available all over the place. What is the secret of edamame anyway? Learning more about it will definitely help.

A Closer Look at Edamame

The name edamame may sound a bit absurd for starters. This has been the case all the time though. The fancy name is perceived to be about boiled green soybeans. The secret is that the name sounds so much yummier. Many would definitely agree. Edamame will not be munched up by Faith Hill during her interview in Country Music Television without a reason. That is for certain. This snack turned out to be a favorite and this may be served by most Japanese restaurants around the place.

Up until now, there is still a debate on the advantages and health benefits of the soy. Wherever it is meant to be sliced, it will still be the start legume. For a great punch of fiber, just ½ cup of the mentioned will be the answer. It is not only rich in fiber. The same is also true with vitamin, protein and mineral. These will all be the content of the diet.

What will you be able to find upon a half-cup serve of edamame? Please consider the below mentioned:

  1. Calories (120)
  2. Fiber (9 grams)
  3. Fat (2.5 grams)
  4. Polyunsaturated Fat (1.5 grams)
  5. Monosaturated Fat (0.5 gram)
  6. Protein (11 grams)
  7. Carbohydrate (13 grams)
  8. Sodium (15 mg)
  9. Vitamin C
  10. Iron
  11. Vitamin A
  12. Calcium

Overall, it can be assessed that a little serving of the edamame will give many a great bunch of fiber. This goes with 4 slices of bread, wheat bread for that matter. There can also be 4 cups of zucchini which is steamed. This even comes along with protein, coming along with carbohydrate.  This is not just boxed with those benefits. It is even high in iron. This is synonymous to the breast of roasted chicken which features 4 ounce of iron.

The Debate with Soy

Until now, the name of soy is dragged. There are even claims saying that the ground is now being lost recently. There is an analysis related to this. There are like 200 soy studies which were done for two decades. At the end, there were no conclusions confirmed. That is why the benefits are still under proposal. Until now, soy debates and studies are still going on. These are all observed in just a short duration. With all of these, one thing is for sure – it is a safe part of diet.