Red Eye Tree Frog

Red Eye Tree Frog Facts – The Truth

There are various scientists out there who are convinced that red-eyed tree frogs got to develop their peepers in just a short span of time. This is one of the reasons why their meal choice is somehow being questioned. There are different Red Eye Tree Frog facts written around. For those who have not seen such beauty, there are still other truths to be learned about them. What are these?

A Closer Look at Red Eye Tree Frogs

These amphibians are considered to be iconic. They resemble that of rain-forest. These would sleep all day, and then, they will be struck during the night. Whenever they have their eyes closed, they would normally cover them with body markings. That is how it has always been for them. If they are to disturbed and then they would flash with their red eyes bulging. This is how they react. Their feet can be creepy at times because they are webbed-orange. They are also a combination of bright blue and yellow. These are true for their flanks. This is known to be startle coloration. This is a type of technique which is responsible for giving birds or even snakes pause.

In catching preys, it helps that they come along with their neon-green body. There are tons of frogs out there which are known for eating with their red-eye tree. However, these are nocturnal in nature. Usually, they will take responsibility in using their keen eyesight to make sure that the right prey is found. It also assists that they come with shocking colors. This may be responsible in over-stimulating the eyes of the predators. This is a chance for them to create an image of a ghost which would remain behind just as when the frog has to jump further.

Despite the fact that the said frogs come with their different coloration, there is nothing to worry because they do not have so much venom in them. It is a reality that they may be seen in most tropical lowlands out there, most especially from that of Southern Mexico. This is seen on the entire part of Central America. The same is also the case with the northern part of South America. There are various nocturnal carnivores out there that are responsible in hiding in most rain forests. They also do this in ambush crickets, moths and even flies. These are also of their sticky, and long tongues.

Do not get this wrong because these frogs are not yet considered endangered. However, it has been observed that their habitat is slowly shrinking. This rate is a bit alarming in nature. This has been recognized highly too, most especially with the image the come with. This  is utilized to the promotion and advertisement of the saving of the rain forests of the world. It is not everyday everyone is given the chance to see red-eyed frogs. These are one of a kind creatures. They do not come along all the time. They are distinct indeed.