Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia Facts – History

Hogia Sophia originally pertains to holy wisdom. This is known as a monument which is supposedly erected to be a Constantinople cathedral. This is now located in Instanbul,Turkey. This occurred way back in the sixth century of the AD. Most Hagia Sophia facts would say that it comes with two floors. These are all centered with a giant nave. This goes with a dome ceiling which is great in structure. This also comes with small domes which are popular for just towering above. The dimensions of the said monument are beyond words. The structures are purely built with the presence of steel.

What does the monument say about the architecture of Istanbul? This may be a question raised by many. The structure is now on its 1,400 year. It still continues to strike many people. On the initial year of its construction, The capital of it during that time was Constantinople.  The whole state though observes Christianity all over. It was also on the same time when the half of the empire of Romans was carried out and this was followed by the falling of Rome.

There are many stories behind the construction of the said infrastructure. It all started in the 532 AD. This was the time when a great Revolt involving Nika Riots got to affect Constantinople big time. Emperor Justinian was still the ruler during that time. He was in dominance for almost five years. This was also the time when he turned out to be quite unpopular. This also began in the presence of the hippodrome. This was involved in the racing of almost two chariots which were termed as blue and green. The riot was known all throughout the whole city. This was the time when the people who took part in the riot were chanting the word Nika. This pertains to triumph or more like, victory. This was done because there was an attempt for Justinian to be thrown out. This was the only way for them to have his place besieged.

When the uprising to subside, there was a site just near a church which was dubbed as the Hagia Sophia. This was the time when a new one has to be created. There were ancient writers who would attest to this, one of which is Paul the Silentiary. He got to live in the cathedral. This was undertaken when it was completed. The building was a representation of victory. This was true both for Christianity and Justinian.

Roman Capitol will always be known for. Building the said Hagia Sophia did not become a problem at all. There were two men who were turned for the mentioned. The first one is called Isidore, the other one is Anthemius. The structure was put together, and finished despite the haste. It took only six years for the mentioned to be finalized. Just a comparison, medieval builders had to spend a century for the construction of Notre Dame Cathedral. That was how different it was.