Kilauea Volcano

Kilauea Volcano Facts – Reality behind the 30 Year Eruption

Until now, Kilauea is known to be the most active volcano in the whole world. If it does not top the list, at least it is one of the most active. Kilauea has always been a shield-type kind of volcano. This comprises that southeastern side of Hawaii, the big island to be more specific. This volcano stands 4,190 feet. This is true just above sea level. This is also 14 percent of the Big Island’s land area. It was said that the summit caldera comes with Helma uma. This is a lava lake which is the home of the goddess of the Hawaiian volcano. This will always be a relevant part of the Kilauea Volcano facts. 

As for most casual observers, this Kilauea volcano looks like a part of a way larger volcano. This concerns Mauna Loa. However, there are many geological data which say that this is a separate volcano and it goes with its very own conduit system and vent. Throughout the existence of Kilauea, 16 eruptions were recorded. This is the current cycle. This was stated by the U.S Geological Survey. This has erupted in a continuous manner since that of the year 1983.

More about its Eruption

The eruption really became long-lasting in nature. This was able to destroy more than a hundred of structures way back. This included the National Park of Hawaii which was dubbed as the center of visitors. The same fate was also experienced by Royal Gardens subdivision and a ton of homes and buildings around the vicinity of Kalapana. As for the last couple of years, lava was obtained from Pu’OO’O crater. This even streamed the south toward that of the ocean. On June 27, 2014, the flow then erupted. This took place from a vent. This was directed towards the northeast flank which was situated on the crater.

As for the new lava known, this was headed towards the northeast direction and it flowed roughly on the ground. This was rumpled by depressions and cracks. These also disappeared on the underground afterwards just after a few seconds. One of the cracks took place in September 02. It was the time when the lava welled up and it occurred out of a certain crack. It then surfaced again. This came about for 1.3 km mile. This was obtained from most of the coolest homes in the Kaohe Homesteads.

There are many theories when it comes to the formation. Scientists believe that this will always be involved in the islands of Hawaii. As compared to other volcanoes out there, the chain of Hawaii sits in the middle of the Pacific plate. This lies on a square manner. It was in the year 1963 when the hotpot theory was proposed by Tuzo Wilson. Wilson took charge in the proposal of the linear geography. This is due for movement in the Pacific plate. This occurs over a stationary point and it is in great heat coming from the deep part of the Earth.