Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox Facts – The Desert Fox

Fennec Fox is considered the desert fox. For the whole world, it is known for being the smallest. It only weighs 2 pounds. If this is to be converted, it is only a kilogram. Basically, most of the species of fox are seen around North Africa. Fennec is always situated in the Sahara Desert. The same is also true with Asia. However, they are only exclusively perceived on the said region and nowhere else. Usually, they will stay around hot and dry places like the desert. These are always part of Fennec Fox facts. 

The said fox will always be interesting for the reason that it has the ability to jump. It can do it so high despite its size. Most of them only measures nine to 16 inches. These are like 24 to 41 centimeters long. Upon looking at a standing position, they have the ability to jump even two feet. This may be .6 meters whenever they are on the air. These are just among the things that they can do. There are still more.

Interesting Facts about Fennec Fox

  1. Fennec Fox will always be an omnivore. It has the ability to eat whatever is available around. Most of the time, plants are seen as part of its diet. However, they can also eat insects if they would want too. They can also do the same with reptiles, eggs, birds and reptiles. These are not guarded at all. These are also nocturnal in nature. What is good about them is that they can search for food and they can undertake this even at night whenever the temperatures are way cooler.
  2. Since there is a lack of water in the whole environment they live in, they can adapt easily. They can do this without having a hard time at all. They can even do this for a long period of time. This is perceived even without water at all.
  3. There are only limited predators of Fennec Fox. This occurs because they have always been so difficult to capture. If there is a main predator though, it will be the Eagle Owl. There are still other predators out there which come with their potential too. All these include hyenas, jackals, salukis and even caracals. These may all be involved.
  4. The main reasons why Fennec Fox are trapped by humans can be divided into two: their fur is important to the people of Sinai and Sahara. Second, young kits are always being sought by in order to be raised. This may also be pointed for the reason that there are instances when such species of fox can be domesticated. There is a possibility for them to be kept a pet.
  5. Fennec Fox has the ability to live for live 12 to 14 years. This may be observed even if they are in captivity. They can also be around for 10 years even if they are wild.

Fennec Fox will always be one of a kind. That is for sure.