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Earwig Facts – How to Kill Earwigs

Earwigs are not everyone’s best friend. Lots of people detest them. There are even instances when they are perceived as pests. This is not surprising anymore. Basically, the paranoia might have come from the notion that the insect has the ability to burrow in the ears of people. How terrifying is that? This might is claimed to happen whenever the person is at sleep. While this is not worthy to be included in Earwig facts, there are truths to be learned about them. What are these?

What to Expect from Earwig?

Most of the claims about earwigs do not come with any scientific explanation at all. Basically, they are all superstition. Scientific basis is still not provided. This is one of the reasons why earwigs scare a lot of people. This is true most especially with the pincers concerned. These are found on the back of their abdomens. Earwigs are most likely to utilize the pincers in order for them to defend themselves. Sparing rivals may also be done with the presence of their pincers. More 20 species of earwigs are perceived in the United States alone.

Basically, it will depend upon the specie there is. As for most adults, they have the ability to range from a 5 to 25 mm. This may occur. These slender insects have a pair of wings, actually, two of them. These may have the ability to produce a not so good, and foul smelling liquid which are all utilized in defense. Earwigs can also produce scent or pheromone. There are even scientists out there who believe in the pheromone. This is one of the reasons why the earwigs have the chance to cluster together. This has been observed in quite a large number. There are also immature earwigs which are synonymous to adults. This occurs except for the fact that they do not own any wing at all.

Habits, diet and behavior

Earwigs are always active during night. Whenever it is day time, they can hide in most cracks. These are all in the damp areas. These also live under that of logs and rocks. These are perceived in the flowerbeds.  As their food, earwigs munch on insects.

Earwigs are always outdoor. They usually spend time in the winter. This occurs in most small burrows. During spring time, female would lay eggs in their burrow. The legs will be laid until they come to a point of hatching. The nymphs are also cared about. This is a way in order for them to locate their own food.

Lights are always attracted because of earwigs. They may sometimes turn out to be a nuisance on most patios and porches which are usually perceived in the summer evenings. Just in the morning, things can be gathered under cushion which can be left overnight. This may occur outside.

The earwigs will always move into the house in order for food to be found. They do this whenever there is a change in weather and the like. This is the reality of earwigs.

Brachiosaurus Facts – What to Remember about the Dinosaur

There are so many facts to learn as far as Brachiosaurus is concerned. Basically, this is not just about discovering how big they can be, or what they usually eat. It can be more than that. There are tons of Brachiosaurus Facts to get ideas from. What are these?

The Look

Brachiosaurus comes with its long-neck. It also has long-tail. The reality is that it is not the most enormous sauropod dinosaur to ever grace the earth. However, it still ranked as one of the most famous together with Apatosaurus and Diplodocus.

Interesting Side Stories

  1. There is general rule for Brachiosaurus, well for most animals actually. The slower and bigger they are, the longer their life span. The size of it may be around 85 feet to even 35 to 40 long. This is always combined with a cold-blooded manner for metabolism. This only goes to show that the adults of the said genus can reach a mark of century. This is possible since they are immune from being a prey already.
  2. Considering the long tail, neck and bulk of Brachiosaurus, this originated from a not so impressive feature of it. The long measurement of its front. This is their dietary adaptation. This will always allow them to reach branches of trees even if they are high. At least, they can do this without having to strain their neck.
  3. How can a dinosaur like Brachiosaurus regulate its body temperature despite of its built? Speculations from scientists say that they have sauropods. This is why it will most likely take long for them to warm up whenever they are under the heat of the sun. This is also the same period that they spend in the dissipating of their homeothermy. Do not get this wrong because such theory is yet to be proven. Regardless, that is the closest explanation.
  4. A dinosaur fossil was discovered by the crew of Field Museum of National History in Chicago. There is said to be a missing skull in this sense. This was true in the region of Fruita. This is also true for the western Colorado. As the chief of the expedition, a person named Elmer Riggs originated the name of the fossil into Brachiosaurs. Even if this is the case, the honor was given to Othniel C. Marsh. An incorrect interpretation was undertaken during that time.
  5. Another odd thing about them is that their skulls are not so much attached. This can even be detached if there is a need for it. This has occurred already through natural erosion. This is observed after they die, which is the natural happening in their life. This was a discovery done long enough.

The world is lucky enough having been able to witness the existence of Branchiosarus. It really plays a vital role on how everything is perceived today. At the end, Branchiosarus will never be different from Giraffatitan. They will share some of the same characteristics because they are from North America.

Benjamin Banneker Facts – Contribution in History

Benjamin Bennaker was an amateur astronomer and a tobacco farmer. He served as an inspiration because of his achievements in mathematics. Since then, he was dubbed as the first African-American who became the man of science. This will always be a relevant part of Benjamin Banneker facts. 

The early life of Banneker was spent in Maryland. He was born in Baltimore County. This happened on the 9th of November 1731. He got to spend those times with his family. This included his three sisters who were able to grow tobacco together with their parents. Since then, Banneker was trained to reading and writing. This was done by his grandmother. The material used here was the Bible bought from England. This led him going to formal schooling eventually. He did this for like a week or two. It occurred near the schoolhouse in Quaker. This was during this time when Benjamin turned out to be a really voracious reader. He used to borrow books from wherever he could do. This was the time when he was able to develop his innate skill in mathematics.

Ever since he was young, Banneker enjoyed completing mathematical puzzles. When he reached 21, he was able to put up his own striking wall clock. Yes, he was able to do this without even being able to see one. He did this based on recollections through mechanism which was the pocket watch. This was the time when he was able to visualize a mathematical puzzle. This was related to tons of toothed wheels and even gears. Carving also took place this way. This took place from a seasoned hardwood. This was undertaken with the presence of a pocket knife. When it comes to a bell, he used the part of the bottle. There is confusion here though because there were claims saying that metal container was also a part of this.

Eventually, the timepiece appeared to be the first clock in their region. People who got to hear about it went to the cabin in order to serve and listen to the strike there is. The clock became surprising because it continued to function that way it has been. This even happened for almost fifteen years. This was the case until he died.

More about Benjamin Banneker

When the father of Benjamin died, he inherited his family farm. He lived with his mother until her death. Living alone, he had to continue growing and selling tobacco. He did this until he was fifty nine. His retirement was forced by his rheumatism. The farm, needless to say, made him really self-sufficient. This occurred because of the vegetable garden the place came along. This was also the case with the presence of fruit orchards.

The Ellicot Store was established. The Banneker family served as the first clients. The place was visited frequently whenever they have free time. The ephemeris Benjamin sent to Jefferson changed the game. This was the time when he urged the latter to put a stop to slavery.

Fennec Fox Facts – The Desert Fox

Fennec Fox is considered the desert fox. For the whole world, it is known for being the smallest. It only weighs 2 pounds. If this is to be converted, it is only a kilogram. Basically, most of the species of fox are seen around North Africa. Fennec is always situated in the Sahara Desert. The same is also true with Asia. However, they are only exclusively perceived on the said region and nowhere else. Usually, they will stay around hot and dry places like the desert. These are always part of Fennec Fox facts. 

The said fox will always be interesting for the reason that it has the ability to jump. It can do it so high despite its size. Most of them only measures nine to 16 inches. These are like 24 to 41 centimeters long. Upon looking at a standing position, they have the ability to jump even two feet. This may be .6 meters whenever they are on the air. These are just among the things that they can do. There are still more.

Interesting Facts about Fennec Fox

  1. Fennec Fox will always be an omnivore. It has the ability to eat whatever is available around. Most of the time, plants are seen as part of its diet. However, they can also eat insects if they would want too. They can also do the same with reptiles, eggs, birds and reptiles. These are not guarded at all. These are also nocturnal in nature. What is good about them is that they can search for food and they can undertake this even at night whenever the temperatures are way cooler.
  2. Since there is a lack of water in the whole environment they live in, they can adapt easily. They can do this without having a hard time at all. They can even do this for a long period of time. This is perceived even without water at all.
  3. There are only limited predators of Fennec Fox. This occurs because they have always been so difficult to capture. If there is a main predator though, it will be the Eagle Owl. There are still other predators out there which come with their potential too. All these include hyenas, jackals, salukis and even caracals. These may all be involved.
  4. The main reasons why Fennec Fox are trapped by humans can be divided into two: their fur is important to the people of Sinai and Sahara. Second, young kits are always being sought by in order to be raised. This may also be pointed for the reason that there are instances when such species of fox can be domesticated. There is a possibility for them to be kept a pet.
  5. Fennec Fox has the ability to live for live 12 to 14 years. This may be observed even if they are in captivity. They can also be around for 10 years even if they are wild.

Fennec Fox will always be one of a kind. That is for sure.

Spaghetti Squash Nutrition Facts – Is it good for your Diet?

Not everyone is informed that in pursuing their diet, Spaghetti Squash may be of great help and contribution. This can be a really effective part of the program provided that there are tons of studies proving its health benefits. As a matter of fact, it will not be very hard to learn about Spaghetti Squash Nutrition Facts. Information about it could be found over the web. In this article, the benefits of the mentioned will be explained.

Healthy Spaghetti 

Many claims circulate the web. What makes Spaghetti Squash healthy? This is definitely the first question. Spaghetti squash originated from Cucurbita pepo. This goes with a resemblance to the strands of spaghetti. This is observed whenever it is cooked. This is the main reason why it is dubbed as vegetable spaghetti. There are instances when spaghetti squash may be referred to as squaghetti, noodle squash or vegetable marrow. Spaghetti squash is an oblong and long vegetable. This measures 8 to 14 inches. This is true as far as the length is concerned. This can also weigh 2 to even 3 pounds at a maximum.

When it is opened, the flesh can be a yellow pale color. This goes with myriad of winter squash. Upon tasting it, the taste may be similar to that of pasta. Normally, the squash variety is utilized for it is healthy in nature. This can even become a substitute for pasta if there is a need for it to be like that. What sets it apart though is that it only comes with low levels of carbohydrates. Meaning, it is advisable for people who are in the midst of their diet.

This Spaghetti Squash was first seen in China. It was introduced in the year 1921. This was then brought to Japan. It occurred through the presence of Chinese agricultural research. The firm then took the mentioned to the United States. It happened fifteen years after the discovery. Since then, it was planted commonly. This was the case most especially in the World War II. However, it gained a great amount of popularity in the late part of the 20th century.

Do not get this wrong. Spaghetti squash may be added for myriad dishes. Among these are stews and soups. It would not matter if these are to be munched up or eaten raw. If these are to be served as spaghetti, and then they will be able to top a wide array of pasta sauces, which is another point.

The most commendable spaghetti squash goes with its deep yellow color. This is now unripe and this will be marred to the green marks around. There are claims saying that this should be avoided as much as possible. This should be stored in a room temperature prior to anything else. That needs to happen for the next couple of weeks. That would be effective eventually.

What makes Spaghetti Squash different is that it is more nutritious than the regular pasta. This comes with Vitamin A and C which are going to help in the prevention of free radicals.  

Hurricane Hugo Facts – What it does to Open Atlantic

Hurricane Hugo was considered to be the costliest and strongest hurricane to ever hit the United States. The same is also the case for the Caribbean. Basically, this was first identified because it occurred as a group of thunderstorms. It happened near Africa, on its west coast. This happened on the 9th of September, in the year 1989. After that day, tropical depression came to the south east of Cape Verde Islands. This was concluded by a tropical storm which immediately unfolded on the 11th. Hugo during that time was able to gain strength. This then developed into a real hurricane status after two days which was approximately 1250 miles on the east part of Leeward Islands.

Hugo in Caribbean

It was obvious in the aforementioned that the experiencing of hurricanes strength happened in three phases. Since the wind speed took place for about 160 mph, the pressure afterwards then dropped to as low as 918 MB. This happened on the 15th. During the occurrence when Hugo turned into the west of north, its weakest point was reached. This subsided on the subtropical ridge. This served as the guide in the Leeward Islands just in Caribbean.

The tropical cyclone became week eventually when it was about to reach Leeward Islands. This turned out to be dangerous since it peaked to category 4 of the hurricane. It even passed on the Guadeloupe Island and this was realized on the 17th. Throughout, almost 50 people lost their lives. This was observed in the Leewards Islands. This was the time when Guadeloupe went through a vast lost in its agricultural industry. It affected both the sugar and Banana cane crop. These were all wiped out. It was a French navy ship responsible in reporting the wind gust of it which reached 184 mph.

Hugo proceeded in St. Croix north. This was in Puerto Rico, in the eastern tip. This happened on the 18th of September. This was said to be the second drop which became a real pressure. The pressure measured 934 MB. This was for the Island of Culebra. This was just in the east of Puerto Rico. This was then the ship of the anemometer. This even registered a gust of wind of 170 mph. In the Roosevelt Roads, the wind gust measured 120 mph. When it reached San Juan Puerto Rico, it was in its 92 mph already. This was the reason for the suffering of heavy losses. Aside from the banana crops, even the industry of coffee changed that time.

The landfall was experienced in United States and Canada. This was in the north of Charleston, just in the Island of Sullivan.  This was able to allow the highest storm to ever tide. This was experienced directly in Charleston. There were even winds to north of Charleston. These were blowing onshore and a surge, highest storm was driven. This was also coupled with a heavy rainfall which took place on the south where the eye of Hugo was located.

Kilauea Volcano Facts – Reality behind the 30 Year Eruption

Until now, Kilauea is known to be the most active volcano in the whole world. If it does not top the list, at least it is one of the most active. Kilauea has always been a shield-type kind of volcano. This comprises that southeastern side of Hawaii, the big island to be more specific. This volcano stands 4,190 feet. This is true just above sea level. This is also 14 percent of the Big Island’s land area. It was said that the summit caldera comes with Helma uma. This is a lava lake which is the home of the goddess of the Hawaiian volcano. This will always be a relevant part of the Kilauea Volcano facts. 

As for most casual observers, this Kilauea volcano looks like a part of a way larger volcano. This concerns Mauna Loa. However, there are many geological data which say that this is a separate volcano and it goes with its very own conduit system and vent. Throughout the existence of Kilauea, 16 eruptions were recorded. This is the current cycle. This was stated by the U.S Geological Survey. This has erupted in a continuous manner since that of the year 1983.

More about its Eruption

The eruption really became long-lasting in nature. This was able to destroy more than a hundred of structures way back. This included the National Park of Hawaii which was dubbed as the center of visitors. The same fate was also experienced by Royal Gardens subdivision and a ton of homes and buildings around the vicinity of Kalapana. As for the last couple of years, lava was obtained from Pu’OO’O crater. This even streamed the south toward that of the ocean. On June 27, 2014, the flow then erupted. This took place from a vent. This was directed towards the northeast flank which was situated on the crater.

As for the new lava known, this was headed towards the northeast direction and it flowed roughly on the ground. This was rumpled by depressions and cracks. These also disappeared on the underground afterwards just after a few seconds. One of the cracks took place in September 02. It was the time when the lava welled up and it occurred out of a certain crack. It then surfaced again. This came about for 1.3 km mile. This was obtained from most of the coolest homes in the Kaohe Homesteads.

There are many theories when it comes to the formation. Scientists believe that this will always be involved in the islands of Hawaii. As compared to other volcanoes out there, the chain of Hawaii sits in the middle of the Pacific plate. This lies on a square manner. It was in the year 1963 when the hotpot theory was proposed by Tuzo Wilson. Wilson took charge in the proposal of the linear geography. This is due for movement in the Pacific plate. This occurs over a stationary point and it is in great heat coming from the deep part of the Earth.

Edamame Nutrition Facts – What makes it Healthy?

Pursuing a diet program is not as easy as it sounds like. If you are one of those who gain weight easily, and then you are most likely to observe the process for the rest of your life. Basically, it is not just about intensity. Diet is about consistency and this is the part sought to be hard by many. It is not surprising.

In the process of dieting, for sure you have stumbled upon Edamame. There are various Edamame Nutrition Facts available all over the place. What is the secret of edamame anyway? Learning more about it will definitely help.

A Closer Look at Edamame

The name edamame may sound a bit absurd for starters. This has been the case all the time though. The fancy name is perceived to be about boiled green soybeans. The secret is that the name sounds so much yummier. Many would definitely agree. Edamame will not be munched up by Faith Hill during her interview in Country Music Television without a reason. That is for certain. This snack turned out to be a favorite and this may be served by most Japanese restaurants around the place.

Up until now, there is still a debate on the advantages and health benefits of the soy. Wherever it is meant to be sliced, it will still be the start legume. For a great punch of fiber, just ½ cup of the mentioned will be the answer. It is not only rich in fiber. The same is also true with vitamin, protein and mineral. These will all be the content of the diet.

What will you be able to find upon a half-cup serve of edamame? Please consider the below mentioned:

  1. Calories (120)
  2. Fiber (9 grams)
  3. Fat (2.5 grams)
  4. Polyunsaturated Fat (1.5 grams)
  5. Monosaturated Fat (0.5 gram)
  6. Protein (11 grams)
  7. Carbohydrate (13 grams)
  8. Sodium (15 mg)
  9. Vitamin C
  10. Iron
  11. Vitamin A
  12. Calcium

Overall, it can be assessed that a little serving of the edamame will give many a great bunch of fiber. This goes with 4 slices of bread, wheat bread for that matter. There can also be 4 cups of zucchini which is steamed. This even comes along with protein, coming along with carbohydrate.  This is not just boxed with those benefits. It is even high in iron. This is synonymous to the breast of roasted chicken which features 4 ounce of iron.

The Debate with Soy

Until now, the name of soy is dragged. There are even claims saying that the ground is now being lost recently. There is an analysis related to this. There are like 200 soy studies which were done for two decades. At the end, there were no conclusions confirmed. That is why the benefits are still under proposal. Until now, soy debates and studies are still going on. These are all observed in just a short duration. With all of these, one thing is for sure – it is a safe part of diet.

The Columbian Exchange Facts – A Cultural Period

The Columbian Exchange pertains to a cultural period where biological exchanges took place between that of New & Old Worlds. There were exchanges of animals, diseases, technology and plants. These played a vital role in the transformation of the life of Europeans and Native Americans. All of these will always be stated in Columbian exchange facts.

The year 1492 marked the end of the discovery of Columbus. This even lasted for the entire year of not just discovery, but also expansion. The Columbian Exchange was responsible in patching up differences both socially and culturally. This has been apparent even on the sides of Atlantic. Aside from this, technological advancements were also realized in the production of agriculture. The same also went for the increasing of mortality rates, evolution warfare, and education. These were the aftermath of Columbian Exchange on Europeans and Native Americans.

The Real Effects and More

Various areas of the society were affected by the aforementioned exchange. What were these?

  1. Technology – advancement in technology has been greatly influenced by the exchange. This occurred in the 15th to that of early 16th Ever since, Europe had been way powerful as compared to that of the Native Americans. However, the latter benefited from the progress. Among these were the written alphabet, farming capabilities, weapon and firearm capabilities and architectural ingenuity.
  2. Disease – despite the fact that lots of commendations were raised because of the exchange, there were also downsides that were not being talked about all the time. This was also the time when the transmission of disease occurred. This had diverse effects on the Old and New World. The illnesses were transferred from all over the place. The transmission was connected to the migration of men during that time. This was the main carrier of the epidemic.
  3. Animals – the whole passage from the Old to the New World right in the exchange was also experienced by the animals too. These involved domesticated and non-domesticated ones. These all brought impact to the New World. One of the impacts was the grasslands being transformed and the labor revolutionized. The transformation of grassland took place because of the sheep’s overgrazing. The availability of horse also took place during that time. All of these were relevant in the new power force built for the land.
  4. Plants – abundance of plants was unfolded during the exchange. The discovery of new organisms also happened. Among the new plants introduced were squash, beans, sun flowers, chili peppers, peanuts, chenopods, sweet potatoes, pineapple, manioc, avocado and even cacao. The most important though would have to be the maize and potato. The plants when brought to America also turned out to be a success. This was another.

In a nutshell, some may ask – why is there a need to study Columbian Exchange? Well, it is going to explain why the Indian nations suddenly collapsed. The same is also true with the slavery in Africa. It really is connected to universal realities faced at the moment.

Red Eye Tree Frog Facts – The Truth

There are various scientists out there who are convinced that red-eyed tree frogs got to develop their peepers in just a short span of time. This is one of the reasons why their meal choice is somehow being questioned. There are different Red Eye Tree Frog facts written around. For those who have not seen such beauty, there are still other truths to be learned about them. What are these?

A Closer Look at Red Eye Tree Frogs

These amphibians are considered to be iconic. They resemble that of rain-forest. These would sleep all day, and then, they will be struck during the night. Whenever they have their eyes closed, they would normally cover them with body markings. That is how it has always been for them. If they are to disturbed and then they would flash with their red eyes bulging. This is how they react. Their feet can be creepy at times because they are webbed-orange. They are also a combination of bright blue and yellow. These are true for their flanks. This is known to be startle coloration. This is a type of technique which is responsible for giving birds or even snakes pause.

In catching preys, it helps that they come along with their neon-green body. There are tons of frogs out there which are known for eating with their red-eye tree. However, these are nocturnal in nature. Usually, they will take responsibility in using their keen eyesight to make sure that the right prey is found. It also assists that they come with shocking colors. This may be responsible in over-stimulating the eyes of the predators. This is a chance for them to create an image of a ghost which would remain behind just as when the frog has to jump further.

Despite the fact that the said frogs come with their different coloration, there is nothing to worry because they do not have so much venom in them. It is a reality that they may be seen in most tropical lowlands out there, most especially from that of Southern Mexico. This is seen on the entire part of Central America. The same is also the case with the northern part of South America. There are various nocturnal carnivores out there that are responsible in hiding in most rain forests. They also do this in ambush crickets, moths and even flies. These are also of their sticky, and long tongues.

Do not get this wrong because these frogs are not yet considered endangered. However, it has been observed that their habitat is slowly shrinking. This rate is a bit alarming in nature. This has been recognized highly too, most especially with the image the come with. This  is utilized to the promotion and advertisement of the saving of the rain forests of the world. It is not everyday everyone is given the chance to see red-eyed frogs. These are one of a kind creatures. They do not come along all the time. They are distinct indeed.