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Hagia Sophia Facts – History

Hogia Sophia originally pertains to holy wisdom. This is known as a monument which is supposedly erected to be a Constantinople cathedral. This is now located in Instanbul,Turkey. This occurred way back in the sixth century of the AD. Most Hagia Sophia facts would say that it comes with two floors. These are all centered with a giant nave. This goes with a dome ceiling which is great in structure. This also comes with small domes which are popular for just towering above. The dimensions of the said monument are beyond words. The structures are purely built with the presence of steel.

What does the monument say about the architecture of Istanbul? This may be a question raised by many. The structure is now on its 1,400 year. It still continues to strike many people. On the initial year of its construction, The capital of it during that time was Constantinople.  The whole state though observes Christianity all over. It was also on the same time when the half of the empire of Romans was carried out and this was followed by the falling of Rome.

There are many stories behind the construction of the said infrastructure. It all started in the 532 AD. This was the time when a great Revolt involving Nika Riots got to affect Constantinople big time. Emperor Justinian was still the ruler during that time. He was in dominance for almost five years. This was also the time when he turned out to be quite unpopular. This also began in the presence of the hippodrome. This was involved in the racing of almost two chariots which were termed as blue and green. The riot was known all throughout the whole city. This was the time when the people who took part in the riot were chanting the word Nika. This pertains to triumph or more like, victory. This was done because there was an attempt for Justinian to be thrown out. This was the only way for them to have his place besieged.

When the uprising to subside, there was a site just near a church which was dubbed as the Hagia Sophia. This was the time when a new one has to be created. There were ancient writers who would attest to this, one of which is Paul the Silentiary. He got to live in the cathedral. This was undertaken when it was completed. The building was a representation of victory. This was true both for Christianity and Justinian.

Roman Capitol will always be known for. Building the said Hagia Sophia did not become a problem at all. There were two men who were turned for the mentioned. The first one is called Isidore, the other one is Anthemius. The structure was put together, and finished despite the haste. It took only six years for the mentioned to be finalized. Just a comparison, medieval builders had to spend a century for the construction of Notre Dame Cathedral. That was how different it was.


Red Tailed Hawk Facts – Beautiful Hawks

Red Tailed Hawks are usually seen in North America. They are commonly found there. As a matter of fact, they are always seen around the said continent. These may also be in Central America. Sometimes, some of them are situated in the West Indies. These hawks were seen first in Jamaica. These claims are always included in the Red Tailed Hawk facts. These red-tailed hawks are popular for their tail being brick colored. However, there are like 14 subspecies for them which are in different colorations. Even if this is the case, they will not have any similarities in terms of characteristics at all. This is how it has always been.

There are instances when the said birds are dubbed as the buzzard hawks. The same is also true with the red hawks. When it comes to hunting, they have always been efficient. This is not surprising because they have keen eyes. Most of the red-tails would rather go for open areas. There are deserts and fields here. These even come with high places for perching. This is a way for them to catch prey. Most of these birds have the ability to adapt to their place. They know how to dwell even in places like mountains. The same is also true with a lot of tropical rain forests.

The said hawks were able to embrace the habitats of humans. These are always perching on the poles of the telephones. Open spaces can be taken advantage. These may be on the roadside. These are ways in order to look for mice, rabbits, squirrels and even reptiles.

Most of the time, breeding season is responsible in initiating a sequence of spectacular aerial acrobatics. These hawk pairs would fly and they will usually do this in large circles. This is how they actually gain height. They undertake this prior to plunging into males. This is the time when they would dive deeply and they are most likely going to climb back in a very subsequent steep and manner. This is the time when the birds would hold and grab one another. They do this with the help of their talons. This is the time when they fall in  a spiral way towards that of the earth. This is the usual process.

The nature of these red-tailed hawks is that they are monogamous. As a matter of fact, they have the ability to mate for the rest of their lives. Yes, this too may occur and take place. There are instances when they would stick to their nests even from high up the ground. This too may happen. The female would just lay one, to even five eggs. This is going to occur on a yearly basis. The sexes would then have the eggs incubated. This would normally occur for four, to even five weeks as the maximum. Waiting for the mentioned to hatch will be happening afterwards. That is how it has always been. These can be observed by those who are interested.

Grits Nutrition Facts – The Benefits

Grits will always be made of corns. However, in this sense, there is a need for dried kernels. Usually, whenever they are being created, germ and hull will be removed primarily. This is a way for hominy to be produced later on. There are many Native Americans who take the mentioned as food. They might have munched a thousand of it. This occurs on a yearly basis. This would have to be the time when grits are derived. They would be grounded from hominy. These are going to be boiled using water and they are always going to serve like cereals which are on the side dish all the time. These are mostly found on grits nutrition facts. 

Oatmeal is always created from the harvesting of oat grain. When the hull of it has been removed, and then that is the time when the oats will be grinded into steel. They may also be rolled so that they will be quick when it comes to cooking such oatmeal. There are many nutritionists out there who are all hands for oatmeal. They say this because the said can be really high in fiber, which is advantageous in nature. The nutritional advantages which may be experienced cannot just be picked up anywhere so that is another benefit. These are enough to promote the eating of grits which are always rich in nutrients.

Grit and Weight Loss Venture

Do not get the aforementioned wrong. You can still observe your diet and that is for sure. The calories and fat found on it would not be a problem, especially when you are the one who knows how to modulate. That is for certain!

For most of the time, these cooked grits come with a 182-calorie. Aside from this, there will definitely be a 1 gram fat somewhere in it. This will be the reason why there will be more likely of 9 calories which may all be obtained from the whole fat itself. Do not get this wrong. The same amount of it may have at least 166 calories. But then, it may be different depending upon the serving done and made. Trying to lose weight should not be a struggle, or a suffering. Many can be capable of this if they will just commit. Grits may be of help and assistance of course.

Eating grits would be advisable to those who want to lose weight for the reason that this can give a full feeling without having to consume a lot of food. This is one of the good news. At least, staying away from many fat calories is going to be observed. Figure conscious people would take this as a positive effect. That is for sure. Aside from grits, oatmeal may also have the same effect. It would not hurt to also ad d sugar, butter, salt and milk. All of these together will be ideal. There will also be the presence of Vitamin B-6. These may be earned in an ample amount. That is the assurance.

Pho Nutrition Facts – Is it Any Good?

Once in a while, it would be good to have soup around. This will complete your meal. As a matter of fact, it is not surprising that there are individuals out there who can just go on with this alone. This too may be possible. A great combination of herbs, broth, meat and rice noodles make up the so called Phou Soup. This is a typical inclusion in the menus of Vietnamese people. For those who want to try this on, it will be imperative to check on Pho nutrition facts initially. Indeed, this is going to help most especially those who are in the midst of a weight loss endeavor or diet.

What makes the soup healthy? First of all, it has been low in fat. It also has the capacity and ability to supply minerals and vitamins which are always the key to living a great lifestyle. They are even high in sodium. Needless to say, the Pho soup will be able to suit the eating plan of those who want to observe the best diet. This is a chance to prepare a home. This will also include the presence of the most appropriate toppings later on.

In the talks of fats and calories, the mentioned soup is ideal for as long as it is being served in a 619-gram serving. This is how it should be. Usually, this is equal to that of 2 ½ cups. There would be 6 grams here and it would be of 367 calories. When it comes to the 6 grams of these, most of these would be in 2 grams. These are all saturated. This is applicable for dieters who want to have at least 8 percent of their saturated fat in the body. However, it is advisable to make sure that the consumption of saturated fat is limited. If this can be made into 7 percent, or even lesser, and then that will be so much better. This is the answer to the lowering of heart attack chances. This may also be a way to avoid stroke later on. All of these have been proven by the American Heart Association.

If there is an apparent nutrient found on the said soup, it will be iron. Per serving, it may contain at least 20 percent of it. Iron will always be a relevant mineral which is perceived to be present in the red blood cells of the person. This may be in-charge and responsible in the transport of oxygen. This is obtained according to some studies undertaken out there. Daily value of Vitamin C will be enjoyed this way. This is also the same with calcium. The mineral will be helping in the support of strong teeth and even bones.

Consuming milligrams of sodium may be asked at some point. This is recommended and it has to be done in a moderate manner. If not, there is a risk to experience stroke and heart attack. No one will be able to afford this. Be health conscious then!

Harp Seal Facts – Trivia and More

Harp seals are not very common. These are not seen by many. However, they are unique and they deserve to be seen by many. These harp seals come with a scientific name of Phoca Groenlandica. These are of large shape. They are called harp seal because they are synonymous to harps. They are on the back of the seal. There are tons of harp seal facts written all over.

The physiology of the mentioned is said to be in light grey. This is its color. The rings are seen on their back. They are not so distinctive. These are true most especially when it comes to females. Their back would mostly be  black. That is for certain. The color may be in range too. It may start from dark brown, up until black. That is how it has always been. As for the face of the harp seal, it will be black all the time. There is just a difference when it comes to the head though. The pups may be born with the presence of a fluffy white coat. This would be giving the said pups the nickname such as whitecoats. This may shed in three weeks though. This is how it has always been.

The aforementioned is always located in the Arctic waters. This is a bit far from that of the North Atlantic Ocean. What is good about these animals is that they are sociable in nature. It is okay for them to have the company of most seals. This is fine for them. Aside from this, their diet may be made of crustaceans and small fish as well. The seals are known for diving at least 180 to even 280 meters. These would remain even submerged to that for like 15 minutes. They have the ability to perform this. What is even good is the fact that they have the lifespan of three decades.

Female seals have the capacity to give birth every year. The mother even has the ability to recognize pups and even their scent. These would reject the pup even of their very own kind. The mothers of harp seal would be responsible in nursing the young seal. This is how it has always been. This may also happen for two weeks. This is the time when the fed would be left even to themselves alone. The milk of the mother can be rich in so many ways. This is the reality of the butterfat. This would weigh too. These should be weaned as well.

For most of the time, the said seal would revolve around the ice pack. This is how they live. They would also migrate during spring. This would take those 2,500 kilometers going to the west. They may also reach the summer feeding grounds later on. The seals would also migrate to the Greenland and Labrador at some point. This occurs during winter. They would just return to Lancaster Sound in the spring, or somewhere in between. The populations of harp seal are still growing.

Great Pyramid of Giza Facts – Learning from History

Giza will always be included in one of the great pyramids in the world. This is not surprising considering that the mentioned is perceived to be the largest. It was built and created during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu. This occurred during the circa 2550 B.C. This could be found on Giza. It stood 481 feet, and even 147 meters. What do most of the great pyramid of Giza facts say? While they may be the same at some point, they have similarities that can be observed by many. What are these anyway?

Indeed, Giza will be included as one of the parts of the Wonders of the World. There were tons of Greek historian accounts saying that Khufu, who was Snefru’s son, and the 4th dynasty ruler was responsible of having the mentioned managed. This was the time when he made the people around the place his slave just for it to be erected. There were also archeologists who want to support this. However, there were claims that would disprove the allegations.

Just seen on the plateau of Giza, the builders of Khufu would be oriented by the pyramid, most especially by it being found perfectly on the north. Since then, it would be one of the largest and enormous pyramids made. This should not be surprising considering the fact that it goes with like 2 million stones. These were incorporated to become blocks. They even weigh 2.5 a ton each. Just estimate the said measurements. This is why they were responsible in setting blocks every now and then. This happened even half a minute. That is how different it has been.

There were three burial chambers in the pyramid. First lies the underground. This was carved so that it would form a bedrock shape. As for the second, it is known for being the aboveground chamber. This was even perceived as the chamber of the queen. This was how it was termed by many early explorers out there. This was never meant to be house of the wives of the said king. As for the third one, it would always be the chamber of the king. This went with a red granite sarcophagus. This was placed in the middle of the pyramid itself. The said chamber may be of 26 ft high. When it comes to the Grand Gallery, the thieves were sealed off. This occurred through the sliding of granite which was intended to be the blocking systems.

The centerpiece has been elaborated for a complex purpose. This was the Great Pyramid. This would include a few numbers of small pyramids around too. There were also five boat pits. The same was also true with the valley temple, five boat pits, mortuary temple, and even the causeway. All of these. There were some members coming from the royal family as well. There were still mystery shafts. These have been extended coming from the chambers of both the king and the queen. Do not forget to ponder on these for those who are interested.

Romaine Lettuce Nutrition Facts – An Analysis

It is crucial to observe a weight loss practice these days. While not everyone has the capacity to go for a drastic lifestyle change, it is vital to make sure that healthy living is observed. This is the most ideal activity in order to stay away from obesity or even to illnesses. For health buff who want to make sure that they are eating the right kind of food, this article is perfect for them for this will be about Romaine Lettuce nutrition facts.

Little do people know that not all lettuces are made equal for each other. They may look alike, but that is about it. If you are one of those who want to start eating meals with salad, and then trying out reomaine lettuce would be a good idea to ponder upon. This is not only meant to add a variety to the texture, and even flavors of the meal. This is also good because this comes with a great amount of nutrition value that will be ideal for your body. That is for sure. There might be other green salads to come along with this. It would not hurt to exude in a certain amount of milky liquid, or white if there is a need for this. This is usually taken most especially when the leaves are already broken. The milk is obtained because it has the ability to give lettuce a bitter flavor. This may be preferred by some of course. The scientific name of it is derived from the Latin word which only refers to milk. This is known as Lactuca.

What are the other health benefits anyway? First of all, when it comes to salads, there is a guarantee nutrient all the time. There would be tons of these alongside with phytonutrients, vitamins, fiber and minerals. These are all wrapped in one. These could be seen in romaine lettuce. This is good in the prevention, or even avoidance of common health complaints experienced by a lot of individuals out there. Since there is a low calorie content, and even high volume of water, this will be overlooked all the time in the world of nutrients. They will be nutritious food. Since they are rich this way, the ranking system of the food may be qualified enough. This will definitely be an excellent origin and source of vitamins. There is a concentrated amount of vitamin-A here, like that A carotenoid. The same is also the case for beta-carotene. There will be molybdenum, vitamin K and even folate as well.

Needless to say, if there is salad, the heart will be kept young. That is for sure. Who would not want this anyway? The vitamin C found in Romaine, and even the beta-carotene will be turning the heart healthy. That is the case all the time. These would work together as well in order for cholesterol oxidation to be prevented. Cholesterol will turn out to be oxidized. This will become a bit sticky. With this happening, it will build up the walls of the artery.

Facts about Sacagawea – Knowing Sakakawea

Sacagawea played a vital role in the history of Native Americans. Basically, she acted as an interpreter and that made her noteworthy for the reason that she was the only woman who got to assist the expedition of Lewis and Clark going to the west of America. What was here success story? What are the facts about Sacagawea? There are tons to be learned about her, starting off with her childhood.

Childhood and more

Sacagawea was originally from Lemhi, County, Idaho. She was born there in the year 1788. Her parents were Shoshone chiefs. When she was 12 years old, their enemies held her captive. Since then, she was given to trappers who were French-Canadian. Sacagawea was sold. She was even made a wife of the mentioned. It was in November, year 1804 when she got the invitation to join the expedition of Lewis and Clark. She then worked as a Shoshone interpreter. When she was done with the expedition, she got to spend her last hours in the Fort Manuel. This is now dubbed as the Kenel, South Dakota.

Sources vary when it comes to the real year of her birthday. Some say it is 1786, some claim it to be 1787. Indeed, this is not yet identified clearly. Regardless, one thing is for sure, she was situated in Lemhi County in Idaho. Her husband was from Hidatsa & Mandan. The journey initiated by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark launched in November, she was made a part of it. This was often termed as the Corps of Discovery. The expedition was originally meant to explore the new acquired lands that they were able to uncover in the west. And this was also ideal so that they could find a route to the Pacific Ocean. This was started with a group in Fort Madan. An election was undertaken and it has been decided that they would stay there. That was the very time when she worked as an interpreter. This was done during the expedition itself.

During the said expedition, she was conceiving their first child. Regardless of her condition though, she still decided to embark on the voyage. This was not surprising anymore because Lewis and Clark had always been very confident about what she can do. Despite the fact that she was pregnant, she would still help. She did this throughout the journey.

It was February in the year 1805 when Jean Baptiste Charbonneau was given birth. She then travelled with the newborn child. She was still productive. Searching for edible plants was even made easier by her. Saving cargo was not very difficult too. She got to safe keep relevant supplies and documents during this time, which was really remarkable. When they were able to reach the Pacific coast in November 1805, Sacagawea was given the chance to cast a vote in the building of a fort which will be utilized for the winter season. They erected Fort Clatsop in connection to such. This is now the Astoria, Oregon.

Cheesecake Factory Nutrition Facts – Are You Eating the Right Kind of Food?

There are tons of success stories concerning Cheesecake Factory. It might have been really natural that the team is geared towards the providing of cheesecake delivery for the purpose of exquisite desserts which are now integral part of gourmet food being offered. The Cheesecake Factory, together with various cheesecake factory nutrition facts all over the world, must have gotten its origin from the basement kitchen owned by Evelyn and Oscar Overton. These are all from Detroit. These are also considered to be excellent cook of their own.

It was Evelyn who was said to be responsible in the creation of the original cheesecake recipe. This was loved by many since then. Even delivery was provided so that the yearnings of everyone can be provided accordingly. This is true for most restaurants out there. Well, during that time, this was exclusively for those in the same place. During the early 1970’s, the Overtons had to move to Los Angeles so that they can open a store out there which is of 700 square foot store. This was when the Cheesecake Factory became even more popular. Evelyn had to bake and Oscar had to create new accounts. There was a reputation for the creation of the best cheesecake here. These grew and they became even larger that time. With the new improved bakery, the reputation of the provider was even solidified. There were like 20 varieties introduced. These include delicious cheesecakes which have been growing and growing every day. There are also fantastic desserts.

The cheesecake delivery, since then, it got to have an area of its own in Santa Barbara. It made a good name and reputation there up until such time that it even reaches San Diego. They can even be shipped from one customer to another. This is also a part of the delivery services. New accounts were also very much evident. It was in the year 1978 when the son of the mentioned couple got to find out about the restaurant and this led to the building of the branch there in Beverly Hills. What makes this different though is the fact that the restaurant got to offer generous, even unlimited selections as far as the menu is concerned. This is one of the good news. These were created with quality and high standard ingredients which are bound to serve for a casual and warm setting. The factory can be considered a success! That is for sure!

For those who do not have the time to personally visit the bakeshop, but are dying to have a taste of the famous cheesecake, there is nothing to worry! There is an online catalogue so that selecting can be made possible. What is even good is the fact that it may be feasible to purchase from there. This is done by Harry & David exclusively like no other. These will be delivered on your footsteps if you want it that way. Check the website for more information about this!

Metamorphic Rock Facts – The Process and Composition

Metamorphic rocks are being modified through heat. The same is also true with other chemical processes and even pressure. Usually, they are being buried deep down below the surface of the Earth. It helps though that they are being exposed to extreme conditions. They would be altered in the mineralogy, chemical composition and even texture. These concern the rocks. There are just two basic kinds of rocks. These are termed the foliated metamorphic rocks, and the non-foliated metamorphic rocks. The earlier comes with other types like that of schist, phyllite and even the gneissis. This also includes slate. As for the non-foliate, there is also the marble, hornfels, novaculite and quartzite. These are all included in various metamorphic rock facts. 

Most of metamorphic rocks were built and created through chemical or physical alteration. This occurred because of the presence of heat and pressure. These also exist whenever sedimentary and igneous rocks are present. The material may indeed be denser. Since there would always be actions on the plate tectonics, stress, compression and even shearing of forces, which may be realistic for a long period of time. This is why rocks may be deformed and warped. These would all cause the compacting of them into a way smaller space volume. As a mere consequence, the metamorphic rocks would be way denser. They will be as compared to that of the original material. They would also be even less susceptible. This is why they have the tendency to be in erosional breakdown. The plates of the Earth would move into a geologic time. That is also an assurance. The plates of the earth would always move. These are made up of sedimentary and igneous rocks. These would be subducted though. These may  be under the interior that is for sure. In most cases, the heat coming from the Earth may be of slight process. This is called the contact metamorphism. This occurs too.

Indeed, there are so many things to learn about Foliated and Non-foliated metamorphic rocks. For instance, foliation would be formed whenever there is pressure being squeezed to it. It may flatten or elongate it. It depends, really. These rocks would develop sheet-like or even platy structure. These would reflect the direction of the pressure. As for the non-foliated, it is different. This does not come with such structure. However, there are ways in order for them to be produced accordingly. As for Non-foliated, this does not come with any of these platy or sheet like structures. It may be the total opposite in that case. There are ways in which these rocks are being produced. There are rocks, like limestone for example which are composed of minerals that are not so flat, or elongated. No matter how much the pressure is here, and then the grains would still not align. That is the nature of it ever since. There is also another kind of metamorphism known. This is dubbed as the contact metamorphism. These are the facts about the said rock.